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CWI  provides custom office furniture installation in the Metro Atlanta area.  We are a full service installation company capable of handling both new furniture set-up and interoffice configurations.  We are committed to quality  and will exceed your expectations.


Our goal at CWI is to form and maintain a long term  relationship with you, our customer.  CWI will assit you in discovering which product best meets your space, timeline, and budget needs.  We strive to make your experience with CWI an enjoyable one through integrity, highly dedicated and professional employees, and a comprehensive understanding of each customer's unique needs.

Our Team

 We are a team of service professionals that are dedicated to working with our customers to provide the most cost effective office furniture installation services.

CWI of Metro Atlanta

First impression matters when it comes to office spaces, something we have understood and mastered at CWI (Custom Workstation Installation). CWI is a full-service office furniture installation company. We offer custom office furniture installation in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding states.  Our services are tailored exactly to your workspace and specifications. With state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated team of professional installers, we guarantee the results you want within your budget and on your time schedule. 

In order to ensure perfection with our custom workstation installation, we use the latest industry equipment, such as laser-leveling and protective positioning and moving equipment. This minimizes any damage while moving heavy furnishings and equipment. Through ongoing training, we ensure our staff and supervisory staff are at the top of their game. We work through your regular business operations, ensuring maximum continuity and minimum disruption. 

When the entire office workstation installation team is working together as a unit, our installations are always on time, meeting all customer and manufacturer specifications. From the moment an office furniture installation is begun through to the final walk-through, your designated project manager will handle all coordination, estimates, and communication. This ensures harmony throughout the job cycle. Is an office move or relocation required? Our fleet of trucks is at your service.

Call CWI at (678) 395-8190


We look forward to speaking with you regarding your office construction project.

Getting your installation completed on time is one of the most critical aspects to any project—  you need to get people back to work!  So if we promise to be done and out by Sunday at noon, we’ll be done by Sunday at noon. Guaranteed.
When you work with CWI, you’ll receive a project plan, an experienced team, regular updates from the job site, and immediate notification of any issues so you’re never stuck receiving news too late.

Our crews are trained to manage their environments, strategize, communicate, and work through time-tested processes that guarantee your satisfaction.